564 Zuschauer beim Webcast mit David Weinberger

von Steffen Büffel. durchschnittliche Verweildauer: less than a minute.

Hier ein Re-Post vom WE-Magazine, wo ich über den erfolgreichen Verlauf der Webcast-Session mit David Weinberger geschrieben habe. Wir hatten insgesamt 564 Zuschauer, was all unsere Erwartungen übertoffen hat: Last Sunday WE-Magazine presented a live webcast with David Weinberger. Ulrike Reinhard and myself prepared the session with the help of Netviewer.com. Check out the on-demand version of the show in the WE-TV section. Throughout the show we had up to 400 viewers. So thanks to you all! We could have gone even further but the default limit for the maximum number of participants is set to 400 at the moment. :-) Check out some of the pics I took during the session which was held at Coremedia HQ in Hamburg. Thanks to Sören Stamer and Willms Buhse for being our hosts. Click on the photo to jump to the complete Flickr-Photoset!


We-TV will be back with another great guest!